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diamondsinthsky [userpic]
Beirut Terminal 5 Shows in September


I will go to the Beirut shows in NY in September. They are at Terminal 5. Doors are 7pm.
Anyone experience with Terminal 5? How long before 7pm should I be there to really make sure I get a front row spot on the first floor? I'm really short and otherwise won't see a thing.

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This is always a tough question to answer. The only advice I can give is to check out the line at the venue early in the day. Maybe around 11 AM or noon, or if you're really worried 8 AM. Then make a decision from what you see.


omg, 11 or 8 AM?? Like more than 8 h before the show? You think there might be people there waiting in line that early in the day?
I mean, man, beirut is awesome and getting more and more popular, but they are not yet madonna or whatever famous act.
But if you'r really serious and not just pulling my leg (are you?), I will definitely be there by 11 and take a first look at the venue.


Re: wow

It varies from venue and city - that's why it's hard to say. Whatever time you're comfortable with, definitely drive by before. Hope you enjoy the show and get your front row spot.

I loved your musical box. Much more fun and unique.