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reluctanthopes [userpic]
News - tour, shop, Twitter

1. Beirut's Paul Collins (bassist) will be DJing official after-parties this tour. So far only one such soiree has been set, with more to be announced. I'm wondering if this will carry over to the US tour dates. Sounds like a good time - I never want to go home after a show! Check out the full details and look out for news at Beirut's official website.

2. A tour poster from The Flying Club Cup and a Scenic World music box with a hefty price tag are on sale now at the Ba Da Bing store. You can also pre-order The Rip Tide LP/CD from the Ba Da Bing store.

3. Zach Condon's Pompeii Records Twitter for Beirut news if you're into Twitter.

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Current Music: Beirut - La Llorona